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IP & High-Tech Litigation

We provide leading representation for federal, state, administrative, and appellate proceedings for business and intellectual property matters. We employ a highly strategic and aggressive approach to optimize the possibility of a swift resolution.. Learn More

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software, & Data

With exponential growth expected in the upcoming years, this market is dominating multi-national markets. Employing strategies that evolve faster than technology, regulatory and legal frameworks, we provide leading strategies for technology protection, monetization, and enforcement. Learn More

Patents, Copyrights, & Trade Secrets

As leading intellectual property and patent attorneys, we refine raw ideas and technology into intellectual assets that can be leveraged as business assets. We help protect, monetize and enforce your intellectual property. Learn More

Technology & Licensing Agreements

We have diverse experience in all types of business, intellectual property, and data transactions. Let us streamline your agreements and deals. Learn More

Trademarks & Branding

Powerful brands motivate action. Connecting sellers and buyers, brands drive supply and demand. Our intellectual property & trademark attorneys deploy brand protection strategies to capture and sustain brand value. We secure strong brands.Learn More


A global mindset is necessary to optimize business value, but it requires extreme care due to rapidly evolving laws and regulations impacting technology, intellectual property, and digital assets. We are well-positioned to assist in navigating the international landscape.Learn More

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